Common Issue with Air Unit Solved

Repairing air units is not that hard if you’ve went to a training school. However, for an average Joe like myself it might be harder to figure out what the actual issue is on a certain unit. You have to know what is happening, where it is happening, and everything that goes along with it. Sometimes, it might be easier for someone like me to just look for someone who can help with air conditioner repair NYC or in an area around NYC. I live there, so NYC is where I would be looking.

I know for a fact how hard this is because last spring, just as the weather was starting to get warm, I had an issues with my air conditioner. The thing would not get cool. It was like it was just blowing the air from outside back inside. You know before the summer hit, I had to get this fixed! I called friends and family for any recommendations of repair guys they knew. Came across a man named Bill who didn’t have a business, but had went to a trade school and knew what he was doing.

It wasn’t too long after I called him that he came over and started asking me questions while looking at the unit. I told him how I had turned it on and it wasn’t blowing any cool air. I told him I had let it run for a few hours and still had the same problem. He looked at me and asked if I had put any refrigerant in the conditioner. I told him “I don’t believe I ever had.” He asked me “EVER?” and got up and went to his truck and came back with a fresh bottle of refrigerant. He told me that the refrigerant was important to keeping the conditioner running cool. Without it, it would likely fail.

It wasn’t 30 minutes after he put it in the system that the coolest air came out. It was way cooler than every year before this one! I was amazed that something that refrigerant would make the air unit seem to not want to put out any cool air. I thanked him so much for that, he told me that it was a simple fix that if I needed to do again that I could do myself for a lot cheaper than having someone come in and do it for me. I learned so much with Bill and any time I had an issue, I called him!