FIR against rhea chakraborty and her family shows that words are cheap, people will SHAMELESSLY LIE for money

One of the biggest frauds of the indian internet sector, is how only the verbal communication skills are considered, what a person says while hiring employees when it is very easy to lie.
Initially after the death of the actor sushant singh rajput, allegedly after being harassed by Rhea chakraborty, she kept quiet, though the family initially itself showed their dislike for rhea.
Then finding that his father was not complaining or doing anything, she starting making posts that she and her brother were extremely devoted to the actor and did everything to help him, which was carried in the mainstream media .
Only when the actors father KK Singh filed a FIR the true picture is being revealed, that she made his life hell, and robbed everything from him just the the ntro/raw employees led by mhow monster puneet who faked help for more than ten years

While the media is also carrying the news of KK singh’s complaint, the indian and state governments refuse to listen to the engineers complaints, and repeat the lies of the ntro/raw employees to DEFAME, CHEAT, EXPLOIT the single woman engineer, domain investor