Russian girls, blue pills, Rs 15 crore cash loan and actor-director Satish Kaushik’s death

Though actor-director Satish Kaushik’s death was initially covered in the mainstream media as a heart attack, there are now allegations that the matter is more complex. Saanvi Malu, the second wife of NRI businessman Vikas Malu, at whose house Kaushik was partying has made some rather controversial allegations.
She claimed that her husband Malu owed Kaushik Rs 15 crores which Kaushik had given to Malu for investment more than three years ago.
Malu claimed that he had lost the money during Covid, and could not give back the money, though Kaushik required the money back urgently and there was a big argument at Malu’s house in Dubai.
Malu told Kaushik that since the payment was in cash, no case could be filed
Being a close friend of Kaushik, Malu was aware of his weak points, and told his wife that since Kaushik was a womaniser, he could easily get rid of him using Russian girls and blue pills, he would not pay the womaniser the money he owed.
Now the relations between Vikas Malu and his wife are strained, and she has made these allegations through her lawyer. What is the truth, only time will tell, or the matter may get hushed up