Almost Ready to Start Classes

I have been in Edinburgh a couple of days now and it is all business so far. I have a lot of objectives, but the main things are to find an affordable place to live and to find a part time job that fits in with my schedule at college. I have been looking at Edinburgh university flats all morning, of course I mostly want to figure out if I can afford them. The location is important obviously, I shall need to find a job and the flat should be close to that and the campus. Obviously it would be easy to guess at where the job is, but right now that is all that I can do. The next most important thing is to be able to tolerate the roommate, which seems essential based on the things that I know right now. It would be great to have an apartment I could afford without a roommate, but that is not a practical plan based on the options which I have seen.

I suspect that you are not going to find a perfect roommate, exactly like the person who finds me to be their roommate. It would be a girl I am sure if I did find the perfect roommate and I sort of suspect that a girl would be far less apt to do the things I would object to in a roommate. I go out for a pint on occasion myself, but generally that is on a Friday or a Saturday. On a school day generally get into bed at a more or less reasonable time of the evening. If you get roommates that like to raise the devil until the break of day, that certainly makes it very difficult for you to rise at the break of day ready to kick butt in the classroom.