A Dinner Date at Home

I started dating a woman a few weeks ago, and we’ve been going out for dinner, but for our latest date, I decided that I would cook dinner at my condo at Boulevard 88. I’m not that great of a cook, but I can manage if I have the right directions to follow. My date was looking forward to whatever I was going to make, and she kept asking me about it, but I told her that the meal would be a surprise. I like cooking fish more than anything, so I decided on a meal of salmon with some rice and vegetables, and a chocolate cake for dessert.

The fish was pretty simple to do. I just had to clean and season it, and then put it in the oven with some lemon to roast it. The rice was also simple, because I’ve made rice so many times that it has become like second nature to me. The vegetables just required a little bit of cooking, and I made a special sauce to give them more flavor. The hardest thing I actually had to make for the meal was the cake. I’ve made cake before, but when I did, the cake turned out tough because I over mixed it.

Miraculously, I was able to make the cake to perfection. It was just the right level of softness. My date enjoyed the meal and was surprised to see how great everything looked. She especially liked the frosting job that I did on the cake. I didn’t have a normal frosting bag, so I used a plastic zip bag with a corner cut off and moved it around to make the swirls. My date couldn’t wait until the next date and suggested that I cook another meal. I suggested that she cook one this time.