Quora comment shows the hatred for marathi speaking professionals from north karnataka

Usually all indian citizens get support from their home state, only the marathi speaking people from north karnataka are stateless people since no state is helping them,everyone is cheating, exploiting, robbing them
One of the reasons why the domain investor is complaining, is because she is not getting any support from karnataka,because she does not speak kannada since she has never lived in the state.

Though officially the karnataka officials are supposed to help marathi speaking professionals from north karnataka in reality, the officials/leaders openly HATE the marathi speaking professionals and investors from north karnataka, especially bombay presidency and are ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING them,forcing these investors to protest loudly.

This quora comment shows the open hatred for marathi speaking professionals, investors from north karnataka

Adidonte replied to your comment on an answer to: “Currently Maharashtra have only 60% Marathi speakers & it’s rapidly declining. Will Marathi speakers be minority in Maharashtra by 2050?”

I can see that one who can’t help their own mother tongue now accusing Kannada people hello I’m from North Karnataka we are proud kannadigas one or two people bark your language doesn’t mean whole north Karnataka is your language it is and it was and it will be karunadu forever first save your Marathi from hindi ????

This is not the first comment the domain investor has received on quora, which exposes the hatred of kannada officials/leaders for her, the reality which the mainstream media does not cover.