The story of Shyamala Gopalan highlights the worsening status of educated women in India

Though the indian mainstream media has cover the story of US Vice President elect Kamala Harris and her mother Shyamala Gopalan, it lacks the honesty and humanity to cover the news of the worsening status of educated women in India, especially women engineers with a good JEE rank, who studied in india’s top college.
In 1956, Shyamala Gopalan’s parents allowed their 19 old year old daughter to go to the united states for further studies, indicating how education was valued in india 60 years ago

On the hand, since 2010, the indian and 5 state governments in goa, karnataka,madhya pradesh, maharashtra, karnataka,haryana allegedly BRIBED by IIT kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, tata have wasted Rs 5 crore annually to force the goa 1989 jee topper, a hardworking harmless single woman engineer, with a better JEE rank than google ceo sundar pichai to agree to identity theft, give up her resume, savings to google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees

In 2020, the indian and state governments are repeating the lies of the fraud ntro/raw employees, especially from the btech 1993 ee class of india’s top engineering college like tushar parekh who falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan who looks like actresss sneha wagh, goan call girls sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, indore robber deepika, asmita patel, ruchika kinge and other fraud raw/cbi employees who did not answer JEE have the resume, savings of the goa 1989 jee topper, to get all these frauds a monthly government salary

It is an indication of how the indian and state governments, top indian tech and internet companies like tata, google, are shamelessly, openly involved, in EDUCATIONAL FRAUD on a harmless single woman engineer and are DUPING countries worldwide that a shameless greedy liar panaji sindhi scammer schooldropout housewife naina chandan, illegally married at 16 with no qualification, savings of her own, has the resume, savings of a single woman engineer from india’s top engineering college because only because the single woman is a google competitor

If the indian and state government especially in goa, valued women’s education they would have never dared to make FAKE CLAIMS, yet LIAR top indian intelligence, security agencies, top companies like google, tata continue to make fake claims about the eighth standard pass panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan DUPING countries, companies and people worldwide, in one of the greatest EDUCATIONAL FRAUDS in the world