Since government agencies targetting experienced women professionals for resume theft, young women prefer to become housewives carried the news of the low number of working women in India, it did not carry a honest analysis that since the LIAR indian govermment agencies hire FRAUD LIAR greedy housewives and makes fake claims about their resume,savings, women prefer to not to take up jobs

LIAR indian government extremely ruthless and shameless in its SLANDER, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, FINANCIAL FRAUD on hardworking single women professionals stealing all their data and falsely claiming that their savings,resume belongs to lazy greedy housewives, other married women and young frauds

Since LIAR indian government extremely ruthless and shameless in its FINANCIAL FRAUD on hardworking single women professionals young women prefer to become housewives While the mainstream media like npr,org is carrying the news of how the percentage of working women in india has declined drastically in the last twenty years, they are not honest and refuse to cover the news of how the indian government agencies are extremely ruthless and shameless in its FINANCIAL FRAUD on hardworking single women professionals, falsely labelling them a security threat without any proof, to steal their savings, resume, correspondence , deny them their fundamental rights
The government is hiring and paying monthly salaries to lazy greedy good looking housewives who have no savings of their own like bengaluru brahmin cheater raw employee nayanshree, wife of tata power employee guruprasad, and then falsely claiming that these housewives have the impressive resume, savings of a single woman engineer, who nayanshree, her fraud husband , relatives have viciously slandered, to get away with resume theft, financial fraud
When the women professional is protesting against the resume theft, slander, she is falsely labelled a security threat, her mental health questioned to continue the financial fraud on her.
So instead of working hard on a job to save money, get experience only to become a victim of resume theft, young women are preferring to lead the relaxed life of a housewife with plenty of free time or call girls like greedy goan bhandari raw employee sunaina chodan and getting money monthly from the husband
Please note that as part of the government SLAVERY racket in the indian internet sector,run by the indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google,tata since 2010, government agencies allegedly raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees like bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree who do not spend any money on domains, do no writing work, have written this article to pay the fraud employees monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor
Additionally the government agencies are also duping countries, companies and people worldwide with fake stories about their call girl, housewife and other fraud employees who do not invest money in domains, do not do any computer work