Officially Actor Sushant Singh rajput, disha salian have both committed “suicide”, yet their families approach to their death differs

The most widely discussed deaths in the last two months are of Actor Sushant Singh rajput, disha salian. Officially both have committed “suicide” according to the police and unofficially some sections of the public and media claims that they were murdered
In case of the actor, his family have decided to find out the truth, though a lot of negative news is being published, with his ex girlfriend rhea defaming him as bipolar. The actors was not married, only his father is his heir,and father is not living in Mumbai, so he can afford to protest. Also the actor’s family is well connected, with his brother-in-law, OP Singh a senior IPS officer, though OP Singh’s approach was also questioned by the mumbai police

On the other hand, Republic TV has published a report that the actors manager disha salian’s body was found without any clothes, which indicates that she was mostly murdered. However, her family, especially her parents are not willing to oppose the police version of the story. On television they are claiming that she committed suicide, though they may have meant that the decision to attend the party was like suicide. Her parents may be well settled in Mumbai, and they may not want to risk their life opposing powerful people

This shows that in India , almost everyone tells lies, even the most powerful, high status and respectable people, including government employees may not tell the truth since corruption, nepotism levels are the highest in the world. So it is important to check the facts of the case, especially financial data which cannot be easily manipulated before taking a decision on who is telling the truth.