Everyone talks about Karan Johar’s casting couch, why is discussing NTRO, R&AW,’s casting couch labelled a security threat and spam?

One of the biggest examples of double standards in India is how anyone discussing NTRO, R&AW’s casting couch of falsely claiming that call girls are domain investors, is falsely labeleld a security threat and spammer though indian taxpayer money is involved in hiring these fake experts. On the other hand, citizens are free to discuss Bollywood casting couch, though Bollywood does not get any indian government funding.

From Quora R Chaudhary, former Data Scientist, Answered June 25 ( answer is collapsed), answer is copy pasted

I have worked in Balaji Telefilms for a year as a Business reporting guy and during my tenure working there I made a lot of friends in the acting industry. Obviously not with the big shots but the struggling actors,musicians,script writers and struggling directors etc.

Casting couch is a norm in Bollywood and is carried out everywhere. You can say it’s your shortcut to get into movies or otherwise, more truly said it’s your only way to enter into movies. All male actors and female actors go through it.

Eg: Siddharth Malhotra is sleeping with Karan Johar. Karan Johar (Dharma Productions) has funded 3–4 movies of Siddharth Malhotra. This kind of risk taking(paying for movies in crores for you to become famous and a hero doesn’t come with strings attached)

Deepika Padukone dating Ranbir Kapoor to strategically get her big break with Om Shanti Om next to Srk

Ranveer’s infamous act with a producer/director(I don’t remember correctly) and also paying 10Cr (Because Ranveer’s father was a big industrialist) to get his lead movie role in Ladies vs ricky bahl.

This is the dirty secret of bollywood where struggling actors,actresses have to succumb to whatever a director/producer tells them to do, otherwise lose their career in the process.

Any actor who makes a public statement about a director/producer doing casting couch,gets blacklisted by all, because they operate like a family taking advantage of the helpless crowd that wants to enter bollywood with no background connection in the film industry.

Show business and Bollywood is a fragile business and livelihood. You never know when as an actor you cease to remain famous and relevant in the market(i.e. you are no longer trending among people, so you are of NO use to filmmakers), after the end of a movie shooting, you aren’t sure if you’ll get another movie, and basically have to sit at home and pursue all directors/producers again to get another movie(like how Sushanth did, even after giving us some good movies to watch)

Rhea Chakraborty is a VJ who disappeared from the limelight and shows, and suddenly is back in news for all the wrong reasons. I am sure she slept with Mahesh Bhatt 1–2 years back to get opportunity in the movie industry. (She is getting role in Chehre a movie directed by Mahesh Bhatt).

Mahesh bhatt being the creepy perverted old man that he is famously known as has a history of having affair with actresses he has worked with. On top of all this, he has connections with underworld( arranging funds for movies is a task, and underworld is always ready to pay money in cash. That’s why you’ll also see a lot of bollywood movies glorify dons/gangsters/ Dawood Ibrahim’s sister in their movies)

Mahesh Bhatt killed Sushanth Singh because Sushanth was in a on-off relation with Rhea. Rhea was Mahesh’s new “f*** girl” and it was wrong of Sushanth to have an affair with someone where Mahesh “owns the person”.

In the news, there is a report that Sushanth messaged Rhea that “if they find out about us, i’ll be killed”

Mahesh didn’t shoot and kill him, Mahesh over a period of few months stole away all Sushanth’s projects and influenced all producers and directors to do what he wanted done. In the end, Sushanth lost everything and knew that if he gets on the wrong foot with anyone like Mahesh Bhatt, Karan Johar etc. his career will be over.

Bollywood works around the influence of these people only. They control where your career heads, no one can save you or aid you in anyway. They are the final answer to it. If they like you, you get the project, if they don’t (worse if you get into a fight) your career is done for.

In fact, you can Sushanth’s interviews on TV where he’ll never name anyone for the nepotism or anything. But always notice a flinch/stammer whenever the topic is addressed on TV. (If he spoke one negative point about anyone, his career would have instantly ended that time itself)

As for Rhea, I think her career ended permanently after this creepy ,Mahesh and her pic appeared everywhere on the internet. She’ll not be accepted by the public ever again.

Rhea is just 1 of the girls in a pool 1000s who have had to ‘compromise’ to get role in movies. It’s a very normal thing to see struggling actresses staying at Andheri West(Mumbai) go to parties with old uncles who are their ‘Sugar daddies’.

A special Note: Chehre 2020 will be released on App and not in theaters because Mahesh knows he has completely screwed his Public relations with Indian crowd,forever.