Media coverage of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death as suicide shows that indian media, government is easily manipulated

The domain investor is following Sushant Singh Rajput’s death closely because it shows that indian media, government is easily manipulated, falsely claiming that a death is suicide, when there is plenty of evidence to show that it was a murder
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Another quora answer indicating Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was a murder
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Why did Sushant Singh Rajput end his life at the peak of his career?
There is a good possibility that he has been murdered. Here are my reasons for a pre-planned murder.
Criminal Advocates who have seen murder and suicide in life have tweeted that it’s a murder. The tweet is now deleted because it contained the picture of the Sushant’s dead body but I have the screenshot:

He also points out a doctrine common in criminal law: “A person who knows swimming cannot kill himself by jumping in water. Last minute agony will compel him to pull out. Similarly, a person who can handle his body weight with his hands will pull himself out and cannot hang himself.” Wow.
He also said – The doctor has stated cause of death due to hanging. Which is overreaching of jurisdiction. Death may be due to asphyxiation, but that asphyxiation was caused before or after the hanging is matter of investigation, which is not concluded. And police has general tendency to take the route which will increase the number of solved cases, which often lead to compromise with truth.
If you think he quit because he did not get films watch this: Login • Instagram
Nepotism? Watch this: Login • Instagram
I also recently discovered that Filmmaker Anand Gandhi roped in to cast Sushant for his next film Emergence, after the death of the orginal hero in his mind, Irrfan Khan. Rumy Jafry was also about to start shooting with Sushant for his next romantic film.
A week back his ex-manager named Disha Salian died. According to the report she committed suicide by jumping off the 14th floor of her building. Two more of his friends had also reportedly committed suicide. Manmeet Grewal & Preksha Mehta. We don’t know if it was a suicide though. (I saw a reporter claiming them to be linked, but not able to find another source, so this should not be completed believed).
I don’t know much about Cooper Hospital, but Parveen Babi, Divya Bharti and Sushant were admitted there. They lived in different locations. Apparently all the three died an unnatural death.
The only people who have claimed Sushant hanging were the three present in the house. Police and sister were called later and an article says they were present when the door was opened. But there is no evidence that Sushant locked himself up. They claimed he hung with the help of the curtains, but the marks on his neck looks like those of a plastic rope. (You can find his death pics online)
Sushant spoke to his sister at 9am according to Police. The servants claim that he came out at around 9:30am, drank pomegranate juice and went back and locked himself up. Seriously? He comes out to drink a glass of juice and then hangs himself? Maybe emotions changed after drinking the juice.. we could never say.
This point is no way related to reasons for his murder, but could be of importance in explaining his situation: It’s also said that Bollywood has banned Sushant from doing movies and he could only do TV and Series from now on, after his last movie Dil Bechara.
After the death of her ex-manager, writer cum director Rumi Jaffrey asked him to take care. Sushant replied, “Love you sir, meet you soon.” Similar texts of meeting people soon has been reported.
As per sources, Sushant organised a closed friends group party at his house the previous night. He was in talks with his dad maintaining family touch. There is no evidence that his cause of death was suicide due to depression. Even if he was in depression, someone could have used it as a tool to plan his murder.
He is not a “I Quit” type. Former MP Pappu Yadav says, “Sushant cannot commit suicide, he has been murdered” after meeting Sushsant’s family post his death. Sushant’s family and his maternal uncle also claim that he has been murdered. They don’t have any confidence on the Mumbai police as they are affiliated with Politicians and Bollywood biggies.
There is no suicide note found after his death. If someone so depressed is going to die, won’t he let his feelings out to the world before committing such an act?
And this everyone knows: He played the lead role in Chhichhore, a movie that focuses on not giving up on life no matter what.
There was no financial crisis. His sister mentioned the same. She knew that Sushant was depressed, but never expected he would take such a drastic step. Who knows if he has taken any step?

The more I read about him, the more I am feeling depressed. He could have made a huge impact with his character, knowledge and actions. I am mourning the loss of positivity that he would have spread, the loss of aid he would have provided by checking off the list of 50 goals. Such a humble, intellectual and lively human, gone too soon.

If this was a murder and we all settle for the fact that it’s a suicide then it would be a shame for us. We must fight to get the truth out. If suicide, what kind of depression? If murder then why? He started writing journals a month back, it must be found and used as a piece of legal evidence.

Edit: Advocate says his family has to come forward. Someone from his family member will have to raise voice for impartial investigation. In criminal matter others have no locus to raise any objection before court of law. We can only write, but the real power is in the hands of his family.

Edit: If you agree, please raise your voice in your own way. The media might divert us using topics like nepotism or depression, if you feel from the gut that this guy cannot commit suicide, do something about it.

Edit: As far as I can see, celebrities and popular social media account holders have totally stopped assuming that it could be a murder. They are talking about depression or nepotism. Some are saying depression is not so easily understood. Understood. But such write-ups sometimes convinces me that he committed suicide, even though deep within I know he could not have. If we let this thought die, we will never know. We have to keep trying!

So just like ntro,raw, cbi falsely claim that this website is owned by their lazy fraud employees who do not spend any money on domains, forcing the domain investor to waste her time, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family will have to waste their time to prove that his death was a murder if they want justice for him. If they do not fight, his death will be incorrectly labelled as suicide, defaming him in death.