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Like the Sheena Bora case, the body of Jamal Khashoggi remains missing till date

In any killing or death, till the body is not found, the family and others can never be sure that the person is killed or dead, there is always a possibility that the person is missing or has gone into hiding. the Jamal Khashoggi killing is getting widespread coverage in the media, because it is gory death,at a place which is least expected, in which government employees are involved and the government remains in denial for a few weeks after the killing took place

In many ways, the case is like the Sheena Bora case, which shocked india a few years ago because it is very gory and was least expected by the victim. Indra Mukherjea who is the main accused in the sheena bora case, was a celebrity and it is well known in India at least that unless the government intelligence and security agencies approve of a person, no one can become a celebrity in India, whatever their achievement may be, they remain nobodies

Another way in which this case is similar to the Sheena Bora case, is that the body of the journalist is missing. Jamal Khashoggi was working for Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff bezos , the founder of Amazon, and he may have used his influence to ensure that the case got widespread coverage in the indian and world media. Washington post has also got a lot of free coverage worldwide because of the murder.

The murder has adversely affected the Saudi government, with many top officials from other countries cancelling their plan to visit the country because they too are terrified that they could also be killed in a similar manner. The indian government is also involved in similar scams, though they do not usually murder.

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