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He Helps Me to Feel Better All over

There was an automobile accident that happened about a mile from my job a few months ago. The car that was hit was at the stop sign opposite of me, so I was not involved in the initial accident at all. Someone was gawking at the accident though instead of paying attention to the road, and they ended up slamming into my car. I was angry more than I was hurt, or at least that was my initial assessment. It was not until about a week later that I consulted a chiropractor in Santa Barbara because of pain in my neck and shoulder.

When I explained that the pain was just mild at first and I attributed that to the impact, that it was not horrible at all. In fact, I went home and took a couple over the counter pain pills, and I felt much better. The next day, it was still lingering, and the third day the pain was worse yet. I tried to hold off, thinking I just needed time, but it turns out that I needed something much more than that. I needed to have adjustments done, which is where the chiropractor came into play.

I was going to go to my regular doctor, but a good friend told me that I really needed to see a chiropractor instead. This was a medical professional that I had no experience with, but I did have respect for the profession because of various things I had heard. I made the appointment, and I walked out of the office that first time feeling better than I had in days. I am still seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis because I am finding out that he the adjustments he has been doing has made me feel better in so many other areas of my body too!

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