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I Wanted to Live There for the Coffee

I was happy to go along with my husband when he decided to look into an apartment for the two of us. I had always left this up to him in the past since we move around a lot because of his job, but he told me that we would probably end up staying in Charlotte for at least three years. If I was going to live somewhere for that long, I definitely wanted a say in what would be our home. He sent me an email that just said to click here to see the apartments that he had already marked as nice ones for us.

I clicked on all of them, but there was just one that really stood out to me. Let me preface this by saying that all of them looked really nice, so it would not have mattered if he had picked out one on his own because I know I would have been happy. Since I was involved in the process though, I knew that I would be happier at one of them over all the others. The reason might seem silly to some, but that’s okay.

The reason I wanted to live at CityPark View South is because they have a coffee bar on the premises. I am a coffee addict, and I knew that would be used probably every day by me. What made this one so special is that it is a Starbucks coffee bar, which has the absolute best coffee and other drinks, hands down. Knowing that I could just walk out my front door and have a Starbucks in my hand within a minute or so was all I needed to tell him that CityPark is definitely the place where we are going to live for the next three years!

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