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This Already Feels Like Home

I am not the type to just look at an apartment online and try and get it without seeing it in person first. I have a few friends who are like that, but I guess I am much pickier. I think I have a reason for being picky though, because an apartment I used to live in nearly 20 years ago still makes me shudder when I think about it. In my search for apartments for Manassas VA residents, I wanted to make sure that I got an apartment that was not like the one I used to have two decades ago.

I lived on the fourth floor of that apartment. Though it did have elevators, they never worked. That meant I had to lug things up and down four flights of steps. Also, it was not in a safe neighborhood, and it was just not a very clean place to live. I knew apartments have come a long way since then, but that did not mean I was letting my guard down at all. I wanted to make sure that the apartment that I would end up getting is simply one of the best available for me.

Palisades looked really nice on its website, but I wanted to see it in person. If I had done that with my last apartment, I would have not signed on to live there. I was extremely pleased with what I found there though. The elevators do work! And, it is in a very nice neighborhood too. Everything looked clean, and the apartment tour itself was amazing. The amenities that they have to draw tenants in are exactly what I am looking for too, so this seemed like a really good fit for me. That is why I am now living here, and it really does feel like home to me already!

I Wanted to Live There for the Coffee

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