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6 Lessons Learned: Authors

What You Shouldn’t Think When Writing

Countless of ideas and trains of thoughts are present inside the human brain. If you think these are interesting enough, you should put sentences down on a sheet of paper. These ideas would then swim through and the words will flow into pages as you unleash your imagination. Definitely, those who decided to take a swim, or those who decided to go fishing will definitely capture such a beauty. In that case, it would be an exciting moment to witness.

If you are interested to write your own book and go professional, you might have to consider a few things first. Writing sentences is something everybody does especially in schools and offices, but being an author of a book is not everybody’s calling. It may be more difficult for modern writers to create more original stories because nothing is new under the sun and most great ideas has already been put into sentences. Different kinds of contemporary genres emerged and more books are being turned into shows and movies. However, before making your plan to be a writer into reality, you ought to recheck your inspiration first. Bad reasons in composing sentences will, in the long, run outcome into an awful work. Many people write sentences for the inappropriate reasons so they are definitely bound to fail in this venture.

Among the motivations that you shouldn’t consider in writing is being popular. You shouldn’t compose on off chance that you need to be a celebrated author who gets their books made to films, and gain a group of fandom. Writing is done out of love and a business, too and it is something that ought to be done with so much care. In writing, you should set your goal in making a better impact in the lives of those who read your work. Writing isn’t for just bragging rights. If writing is just an excuse for you to show something off at your social media account to make your followers see that you are living the author’s life, then, this job may not be for you. Writing isn’t for you in the event that you utilize it in glorifying yourself. It’s still about changing perceptive to the better and molding good ideas in the lives of others, especially the youth. Lastly, you shouldn’t be writing if you’re doing it for you own benefit.

If you only crave for money, you should look for it through other means. Your venture would not turn well if you think only of your financial gains if ever you publish a book. Writing for some authors is a form of mediation and self healing so it may also help those who are reading. Changing life for the better from far away through a book can be the most fulfilling part of being a writer.

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