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Militants in kashmir using methods adopted by indian security agencies

In the last few weeks the attack on indian army has reduced, and the number of attacks on police and paramilitary forces has increased as the militants in kashmir are increasingly using the methods used by indian security agencies to defame, cheat and exploit indian citizens. The militants are aware of the fact that the army is extremely well equipped and will take revenge for the attack, while the police and paramilitary forces have less resources.
So just as the indian security agencies are targetting vulnerable indian citizens, like middle aged single women, senior citizens, those who are not well connected to make fake allegations without any proof at all, to defame, cheat, exploit them for the rest of their life, the militants are now targetting the police who have less resources than the army.
\For example indian security agencies are targetting middle aged single women who are not well connected , because they think that they cannot fight back, and cannot cause much damage to the officials who are exploiting them, making fake allegations, stealing their savings, identity. These security agencies are also aware of the fact that single women have a lower status in indian society, where marriage is considered to be very important. For example, no one is making fake claims about the ownership of domains of male indian domain investors, while as many as 10 google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees are falsely claiming to own the domain names of india’s largest female domain investor.
Similarly police in many states are not well equipped and have fewer resources than the army, so the militants are attacking them, as they cannot fight back.

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