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Neighbouring countries have pity on google, tata, ntro, cbi domain, website, financial fraud victim

After 7 years almost all countries, especially India’s neighbouring countries are aware of the fact that the shameless fraud indian intelligence agencies are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees are falsely claiming to own the domain names of a private citizen,google competitor when these google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees are not paying any money for the domain names , yet falsely claiming to own the domain names to get a monthly indian government salary.

So domain investors from neighboring countries are having pity on the domain investor ruthlessly exploited by the shameless indian government and are telling the real domain investor that you can sell any domain to us,it is better than paying the expenses only to have the fraud R&AW?CBI employees get credit and a monthly salary. Few R&AW/CBI employees will openly admit that they are dealing with a neighbouring country citizens, especially if india is having hostile relations as they are supposedly well paid for falsely claiming to be “investing” in domain names in one of the greatest online frauds in the world.

It is an indication of the extreme corruption and lack of humanity of the shameless fraud indian government employees that they have no qualms mercilessly defaming, cheating and exploiting a domain investor, making her pay all the expenses, and then falsely claiming google, tata sponsored sex workers and other frauds own the domain names to pay all these frauds a monthly salary. Worldwide the person paying the expenses will be acknowledged as the domain investor, only in India, NTRO, CBI refuses to acknowledge the person actually paying for the domain expenses in a financial fraud which started in 2010 and false claim frauds and sex workers are domain investors.

Though 10 google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees are getting a monthly government salary for faking a btech 1993 ee degree, not a single lazy greedy fraud woman is helping the obc single woman engineer, domain investor whose resume they have stolen in any way, unlike citizens of other countries who are trying to help the victim of one of the greatest financial frauds in online history masterminded by the section 420 fraud shameless animal like google, tata employees

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