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Why are some shivalli brahmin government employees cheap,dishonest, shameles and greedy cheaters

The lazy greedy mediocre google, tata sponsored R&AW employee shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar was too lazy and too mediocre to answer JEE, get her own btech degree, or work as an engineer, start her own online business, relies on the shameless fraud shivalli brahmin mafia (like the goan gsb fraud mafia,goan obc bhandari fraud mafia promoting google, tata favorite SEX worker R&AW employee sunaina chodan 2013 bsc recruited for SEX ) of hathwar, kodancha and others in indian intelligence and security agencies to make completely fake allegations without any proof against a harmless obc single woman engineer since 2010, so that they can steal her impressive resume for the mediocre BRAHMIN FRAUD nayanshree, to get a lucrative R&AW job with monthly salary
The shivalli brahmin officials persuaded the shameless fraud BRAHMIN CHEATER ntro employee puneet to steal the resume of his female btech 1993 ee classmate for the mediocre BRAHMIN CHEATER nayanshree to get his lazy greedy mediocre girlfriend a R&AW job with monthly salary, promising him career help if he carried out the impersonation fraud, identity theft
So for more than 7 years, the cunning fraud puneet has used the latest torture techniques known to indian intelligence agencies to destroy the life, reputation and cause great losses to the google competitor. None of the shivalli brahmin officials involved are willing to admit their mistake and fraud in falsely claiming that their mediocre relative nayanshree has the resume, investment of a harmless obc engineer she cheated or making false allegations against a harmless innocent woman since 2010.

The indian government lectures indian citizens on tax evasion, yet it continues to waste indian tax payer money paying a monthly R&AW salary to bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar for FAKING a btech degree , resume, investment, online work

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