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NTRO, google, tata employees refuse to acknowledge their online fraud

When their sex partners, relatives and girlfriends have never invested any money online or are interested in doing so in future also, NTRO, google, tata employees are involved in a major financial fraud when they falsely claim that their relatives, girlfriends and sex partners own the domain names, websites of a harmless private citizen to get their girlfriends and relatives a monthly government salary, making fake claims about online investment.

Domain investors worldwide agree that it is a financial fraud on the real woman domain investor as no registrar is providing free domain names , however the arrogant, shameless ntro, cbi employees refuse to admit their mistake and continue with their lies and fraud, overconfident that every one will blindly believe their complete lies . If the NTRO employees getting a monthly salary were really honest, they would have asked their girlfriends and relatives to pay the market price and purchase the domain names, instead of ruthlessly exploiting the domain investor for personal gain, hatred.

However the ntro employees fail to realize that after making fake claims for 7 years since 2010, the domain investor is no longer duped by their lies, threats of fake cases. The NTRO employees are excellent at creating an atmosphere of fear , to unecessarily discourage domain investors from doing any work online, to make any money, However now the NTRO employees fail to realize that they are no longer respected, and the domain investor has realized that the ntro, google, tata, cbi employees are no different from the nigerian fraudsters making fake claims and promises to loot people

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