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Tata, google, NTRO, cbi have changed the definition of domain investing

Domain investing is a risky business and worldwide only those who invest their time and money in domain names are considered to be domain investors in all countries other than India.
However in India, the indian government is giving jobs and monthly salary to a large number of frauds who have never invested any money in domain names falsely claiming that they are domain investors as part of a google, tata masterminded online fraud
NTRO falsely claims that anyone who will cheat, defame, exploit, betray a domain investor, should be considered as a domain investor for indian government records which is a very great financial fraud.
The domain investor has to invest her time and money online to become a domain expert , while all the mediocre lazy greedy tata, google sponsored frauds who cheat, defame, exploit her are considered to be domain experts in a clear indication of how the indian government celebrates, rewards mediocrity and fraud

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